We have a One-stop-shop HR Model where you can find all the HR services required for your organization.

The GAS Method

We understand the talent market and our experience has enabled us to evolve an efficient methodology that cuts through the "noise" to focus on specifics - relevant information that leads to feasible choices.

Any search assignment we execute is classified according to the clients need and the profile required. You could have one or a combination of the following:

  • A simple databank search involving the selection of a candidate from our comprehensive resume databank comprising thousands of very high calibre candidates.
  • Approaching and engaging suitable candidates identified through a variety of sources such as our internal information database, a mapping of the relevant industry or the specific profession.
  • Filtering suitable profiles from external sources such as websites and e-group platforms.
  • A comprehensive advertised search involving media communication regarding the position and management of the responses through a well designed process

Each exercise is planned in a comprehensive manner and managed by professionals, usually by a qualified management graduate with extensive experience in the profession, assisted by efficient, experienced staff.

Getting Started

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